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Our Company

We are a travels and transport logistics technology provider, aggregating logistics companies and their assets into a single platform where customers and logistics companies can transact business. Our main purpose is to solve the problems of under-capacity and non-availability of logistics assets, security, timeliness and efficiency of last mile deliveries.

Our Partners

Delemax partners with logistics companies who have committed to quality assets and well trained riders/drivers. Our delivery partners have experience and understand the importance of speed, safety and great customer service in fulfilling every customer order.

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Choose your pickup & dropoff location and select a logistics company. We will take care of the rest.

Our Features

Easy Booking

Anyone can book pickup from the comfort of their home or office. You don’t need to know or visit the logistics company.

Fast Delivery

We locate the logistics companies that are closest to pickup and dropoff locations to reduce delivery time

Rate comparison

Customers can make a decision on which logistics company to choose based on price, track record and capacity.

Live Tracking

Real time tracking technology ensures you know where your package is at any point in time.


Unique security code known to the owner and receiver of the package ensures deliveries only to the right recipient.

Great Support

Support from well trained customer support team who go an extra mile to ensure every delivery is completed to satisfaction.