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How It Works

We built Delemax to deliver an efficient and responsive delivery solution that aggregates 3rd Party Logistics Companies and their assets in a single market. Delivery services can be accessed on an on-demand basis, whether you are a customer, retailer, restaurant or e-commerce provider. Delemax comes with a web portal as well as an App. The web portal provides a dashboard to logistics companies to manage their teams as well as track operations while customers can also place and track their orders online. Our rider and customer Apps allow for a richer delivery experience. Navigate below to see how it works.



Register as a customer on this url

Book an Order

Book an order through the portal or mobile app for a provider will pick it up for you.

Order is Matched

The order is matched to the nearest delivery personal based on the urgency and the vehicle selected. You make the payment or choose to pay on delivery.

Package Picked up

A delivery service provider is then sent to your location to pick up the order. Once they arrive they update the status, get the delivery code generated from you and once confirmed, pick the package.

Package is Delivered

The package is then delivered to the recipient safely and securely. The recipient has to share the Recipient Code to receive the delivery.


Customer makes payment and payment is escrowed by Delemax until order is delivered

Get Delivery Code

Customer gets a secured delivery code once order is picked up by rider

Share Delivery Code

Customer shares secured delivery code with the receiver of the item


Both the sender and delivery personal can enter their feedback at the end of the delivery.